Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Makeup Workshop with Le Faerie Cosmetics

Last Sunday, me and my "twin" sister, Blessie, went to Eastwood City Palazzo to attend Ms. Bee's makeup workshop and boy, what happy kids we are! XD Once the session started, we are like wild childs let loose on a colourful playground! XD I'm glad I attended this workshop, not only are my "YouTube" presumptions are wrong, I also had a proper training on beauty makeup. :D 

Bless and I, munching on our Kenny Roger Solos. :D (Right before the Workshop.)
Honestly, do we really look alike? n_n'

Now, about our Guru: Ms. Bee Lu is a Maquillage-trained Professional Makeup Artist. (ooooh, i wanna be like her someday) and the Workshop focused on one theme: Smokey-Eye Makeup. :D
We sat there for like seven hours, learning about the basics of makeup applying: from a blemish-free coverage to the classic black smokey- eye make-up. :D Another reason why I attended this workshop is so that I would OFFICIALLY know what my face Shape is and what my Colour tone really is. n_n' Turns out, I have an Elongated-Oval face with high cheek-bones, and I'm of a warm-undertone. Ms. Bee even helped me mixed the right foundation for me. :D 
When it was time for the Contouring-your-face part, I had a hard time applying mine. n_n' Personally, I thought there was a battle between High-lighting and Contouring, and High-lighting has won me over. Because I think contouring makes me look like I have that madungis effect on my face. n_n' Turns out, the two needs to work together. In the end though I've mastered the skill gracefully and I looked like a different person- a model face, rather. :D

Coverage: DONE! Up next: SMOKEY-EYES. :D

Tadaaa! Our finished Look. :D 
I'm wearing the smokey-blue colour (lol. i'm biased.) and Bless is wearing the smokey-purple colour. Hers looks so wearable in day-time, while mine's for party-ing. :D

Our Workshop comes with free use of brushes and makeup, merienda (we had Pizza! yum!) and freebies worth 1k! :D For more details and cosmetics, please visit Le Faerie Cosmetics' facebook webpage. 

I'm definitely going back for more training. :)

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