Monday, August 29, 2011

FOTD: Rainbow Pastel. (Birthday look)

I know this is not part of my Monochrome series. (In fact this is my take on Michelle Phan's Rainbow Eyes look) But I'm making an exception, for today is my BIRTHDAY! XD (lol. sorry if i'm emphasizing, just watched Disney's Tangled like 3 times already since yesterday. haha.)

What Roxy Used...
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21,Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl powder & Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in Natural Beige Ochre.
Eyes: Elf Eye Primer in Pearl,120 Palette, Maybelline Long Extreme Stilleto, NYX eye pencil in Sapphire, Ever Bilena eye pencil in Black.
Cheeks: the Balm Hot Mamma.
Lips: Tony Moly Tint in Cherry Pink & Burt's Bees Lip Balm.

And I know that this is irrelevant to my blog theme, but i just wanna show you guys the Perfect BLUE Rose. My beau knows how much I love blue, and as any girl would want to receive from her man, a Rose. Sweet is him to combine these two. n_n

by the way, it's our 2nd Anniversary tomorrow, and on the 31st- his birthday. :D
*whew* August is such a busy month for me (and costly. XD)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

FOTD Monochrome Series: Mermaid Green.

It has been raining all day here in the Metro and somehow it makes me miss the beautiful, white sand beach of Coron, Palawan. So this is the look that I come up with: a Mermaid Green-coloured eyes. :D

What Roxy Used...
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21,Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl powder & Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in Natural Beige Ochre.
Eyes: Elf Eye Primer in Pearl,120 Palette, Avon Extra Lasting liquid eyeliner, Avon One Great Mascara, Ever Bilena eye liner in Black
Cheeks: the Balm Hot Mamma.
Lips: NYX Round lipstick in Frappuccino & Pumpkin Pie.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

FOTD Monochrome Series: Purple Rain.

Decided to do the Monochrome Series during this long weekend here in the Philippines.
First colour is PURPLE. :D

What Roxy Used...
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21, Revlon Colorstay Under Eye concealer, Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl powder & Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in Natural Beige Ochre.
Eyes: Elf Eye Primer,120 Palette, Etude House Teardrop Eyes in Crystal White Tear, Avon Extra Lasting liquid eyeliner, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
Cheeks: the Balm Hot Mamma.
Lips: NYX Round lipstick in Frappuccino & Le Faerie Opaque lip-gloss in 002.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Etude House: Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream Aloe Tea.

Finally! A review on one of Etude House's adorable looking piece: Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream! 

Don't let these pics fool you, because at a very low price, these creams are huge. And I do mean HUGE. Pro'lly the biggest cleansing cream I've seen in the market so far. :D I've been using this for almost two months now, and the minute I used it, I feel very happy with my purchase. :D (well, they don't call it "Happy" for nothin'.)

See the packaging? Just like a teapot I assure you. :D

I bought mine in Aloe since it smells so relaxing, but hey its just my honest opinion. Try the other ones: Lemon Tea & Milk Tea. :D

For 178php a pop, I just couldn't resist. Its definitely a bargain for a cold cream. :D And here's a sample of how effective this cleansing cream is:

On eye makeup.

This is also great for removing mascaras! Its an all-in-one makeup remover as it removes everything. Even lipsticks...

I used Retrofuturist since it has a lip-stain. The stain is barely visible afterwards. :D

The only Con I see in here is that it comes in an open jar packaging. Meaning, if your hands are not properly washed, some of the dirty residues, germs and stuff, could contaminate the rest of the product. :| So to be very careful, I have to use a spoon to grab some of it. I mean, who wants germs all over their face right?

I love to slather this all over my face. Especially before I go to bed, when I do my evening face routine. :D
Girls! Its best to have makeup and all. But be sure to get rid all the gunk (as of exposure to pollution and everything) by the end of the day, so break-outs won't pop anywhere near your delicate visage... and yes, no matter how TIRED you are. It is a must. :)

P.S. Lately, I've been visiting a LOT of Korean cosmetic stores, so here's hoping to make great reviews about their products... budget-friendly products that is. :D

'Til next time everyone! Toodles! (and she's off to her face-cleansing rituals. XD)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lipstick Collection: Reviews and Swatches.

Hey everyone! It's been almost a week and for that I apologize. n_n' Work has been a great deal of stress lately so every time I came home, I just hit the sheets and take that long awaited beauty rest. n_n Anyways, moving on...

In these past six months, if there's one thing that's booming in my makeup collection its Lipsticks. I'm having a knack for them lately since my lips are lady enough to deal with all the wonderful popping colours around. (If you think its quite few, I've already done reviews and swatches on others.) There's still more to come, but as of now here's my collection. :D

(L: On Artificial lighting, R: On Natural lighting)
NYX Pumpkin Pie is a very nude Peach colour that goes well with Asian & Caucasian skin. This is perfect to go with Party Make-ups and Smokey-dark eyes.

(R: N. lighting, L: A. lighting)
(LOL. the bullet broke so I just have to make do with what I have. n_n')
Another nudie lippie of mine but NYX Frappuccino leans more on the Pink-colour tone, perfect to wear on a daily basis (hence the broken bullet. :)) )

(L: N. lighting, R: A. lighting)
My first red lippie: NYX Snow White. It has a little bit of blue undertone, hence the bloody-red colour. I love how, despite my Asian skin tone, it blends flawlessly. To show you how bloody-red Snow White is, here are the swatches for my current red lippies:

Anyhow, I guess I'll be satisfied with these set of Red lippies because of the fact that 1) They all came in diff. shades, yet suited my skin tone well and 2)I don't need that many. XD

Don't be fooled by the usual 'net colour, for Fire is not a Red lippie, its a Hot Pink-Barbie type lippie colour. (Yes, I've been deceived everyone. See what I mean when taking precaution on buying makeup online?) Since I'm not fond of hot pink lippies, I gave this to my mom (in which she GLADLY received it. XD)

And finally, something not from NYX: :))
The Face Shop's TFS Essence in Lipstick PK101

What it claims:
Lipstick with concentrated essence core imparts color and moisture at the same time, leaving lips looking and feeling smooth with moisture.
Functions of Pigmented Shell
- Color: Stronger color intensity
- Texture: Soft and silky texture; Lightweight texture.

What Roxy claims:
If not for the light-Pink colour, I WOULDN'T buy this. :| Its smooth to apply, yet feels gritty on my lips. And its not that "lightweight" for me. Now, my definition of Lightweight is when my lips could still feel the cold air (no matter how humid it is) outside. This is NOT, because my lips feels hot and the only comfort for it is when I'm in an air-conditioned place. Its soooooo expensive for its quality plus! It smells ugh... like my Grandma's old lipstick. Even though its brand new, it smells like an expired lipstick or something. The only PRO here is its packaging (think of Classy)
All in all, I'm definitely NOT recommending this. (Save your pocket gals!) 

So there you have it, the rest of my lippie collection. :D
A Milani baby is joining 'em soon, but as soon as I've received it. I'll STOP collecting lippies, for now. :D

Care to share your Lipstick collection? would love to receive a link to it! :D
Its TGIF so have a great one! Toodles! :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NYX Black Label in Italian Chic & Lip Liner in Edge Pink: My Auction Win!

Last Saturday, Starmaine Cay held an Auction for these li'l babies and tadaaa! I'm the highest bidder. :D 

I got 'em all for the price of only 360php! A happy bidder indeed I am. :D

When it comes to online shopping, I'm really having a hard time choosing the products. Because of others' experience, I didn't want to end up having any other colour aside from the colour I expect it to be. (Some of the photos can be deceiving.) That's why I prefer meet-ups over shipments. But her photos are realistic (plus she's trusted by other bloggers) so she's the ONLY online-product-shipment-seller whom I trust. :D
And the colours of these two combined perfectly.

 NYX lip liner pencil in Edge Pink is of a Pink-Fuchsia colour. Its colour is pigmented enough for your lips to have that crisp line with one swipe, plus it glides smoothly. A quick read-through on lip liners: It is a very essential tool when you want your pouties to last all day without that constant bleeding on the edges, plus it gives you that pouty-plump look if you're feeling a little sexy on a regular day.

Next is my first Black Label edition of NYX: Italian Chic
It has a Medium-Hot Pink, semi-frosted sheen colour. So it goes really well with Edge Pink. :D And its colour is very vibrant: With just one swipe, I had a frosted candy-lips. :D I mentioned "candy" because the thing that caught my attention is the smell. Unlike NYX's line of Round Lipsticks (which has a soapy-detergent smell. >.<) It has that fruity tang. Kind of like strawberries and cherries. :D So that is a plus for me in lippies since I can taste some of it too. :D

with Edge Pink as my liner and base. And it felt like I just ate me a piece of Lipps candy. :D

Do you feel very happy and satisfied with your latest Auction win? I know I do! :D

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lime Crime in Retrofuturist.

The Packaging really reminds me of this li'l critter right here. :D

Among all their wild and outrageous lipstick colours, I grabbed this one as it is wearable and  it blends really well with my skin tone. Yes, my search for the Perfect Red Lips is officially OVER. :D  

What it claims:
Bright 'retro red' for all the pinup girls out there! This true red leans neither blue nor yellow, which makes it is suitable for all skin tones. This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear.

Retrofuturist in Caucasian skin.

What Roxy claims:
Retrofuturist is a bright Red that did suit my skin tone. In fact, its a match made in Heaven. :D Its very vibrant and its very rich in colour (as all their other lip colours are.). This lipstick reminds me very much of my Matte Lipsticks as lasts long and it really impressed me with its adhesiveness! Like I applied this earlier today at 4PM, surfed the net, blogged, ate my dinner (take note: ATE!) and yet, its still here and it fades into a gradient medium to light Pink colour! (Its like two lip colours for the price of one!) And unlike Matte lippies, this is very moisturizing, plus it has a nice smell too. (like Jelly Beans in cotton candy flavour.) And did I mention that this is a "Vegan Lipstick", meaning its not animal-tested. Other brands that are available here in the Philippines that does not use animal testing are L'Occitane and The Body Shop. You can check the leaping bunny logo to make sure you are purchasing animal-friendly makeups.

My only con here is the price. Definitely not for the budgeted (its currently the most expensive lippie that I own. But all in all the price, for me, is worth it. :D ) 

Retrofuturist on my Asian skin. :D

I'm such a gaga for Red Lips. :D And finding the perfect red one is not easy. The main factor to consider is definitely your Skin Undertone- for your Red lips to utter the words "Class, Sophistication & Elegance", instead for it to scream "Joker Face". Find the right one, and you'll definitely notice that your complexion will be fairer and your teeth will be whiter. :D

To find more about your Skin Undertone and the Right Red Lipstick shade for it: Do watch Michelle Phan's video. (She's my SENSEI when it comes to my love for Makeup. n_n)

Have a great Saturday evening everyone! :D

The Parcel has Arrived! XD

Teaser: Stuffies I bought from Starmaine Cay's shop. :D She has a WIDE variety of NYX cosmetics. Plus! She's the only one I know who sells Sleek and Lime Crime Makeups at a very realistic price. :) Check out her site now.

Will do Reviews on these babies soon! (I already took shots of 'em! XD)

Avon vs Maybelline: One Great Mascara & Long Extreme Stiletto face-off.

Both Affordable. Both Exquisite. But who has the upperha... err. wand?
Read more and find out here! :D

On Maybelline's Long Extreme Stiletto:
Ever since I saw Chiaki Kuriyama's (from Kill Bill) eyes, i fell IN LOVE with long lashes. XD I'm a noob at applying false eyelashes so MASCARAS is a must if I want achieve her look. This mascara did its job in reaching those sky-high lashes! The product is very thin, so no matter how many times you coat it, it will not clump... at all. And you can also apply this on your lower lash line without the mess because of its wand applicator. :) It's bristles are huge and far apart, thus avoiding that unwanted extra product on your eyes. Its colour is also very rich (i bought mine in Black), it doesn't smudge, Plus! the packaging comes in a sexy, unique and slim black and red bottle, so its an eye-candy for vintage gals everywhere. I don't know if this is a Con or a Pro, but it smells like a newly-painted wall. For me, its a Pro, since I love going to newly,con-structured malls and buildings and smelling this reminds me of the newly-opened Eastwood Mall. (Am I weird or what? n_n')

See those lashes? Love to have those. :)

The only thing I'm having a hard time with here is that its Waterproof. Yes its good for long wearing and all but by the end of the day, when you just wanna hit the sheets, taking this off is such an effort. So I have yet to buy a mascara remover if I want to get this off of me in a jiffy. So I hope Maybelline can come up with a Washable formula for this.

On Avon's One Great Mascara:
It claims to have both Lengthening and Volumizing wonders in its brochure so I ordered one. I don't know about the lengthening but the VOLUME? wow. Its even better than my other past volumizing mascaras. I just applied about two coats on thine lashes and voila! my eyes looked bigger. :D Since its such a huge hit on the volume, applying it will take some technique (the mini zig-zag technique), so as to not get thy many clumps.
What I don't like about this is 1)Its packaging and 2)Its smell. For such "One Great Mascara", Avon could probably jazz up its packaging more so that it can live up to its name. 
It also smells ghastly. Like a used-leaked car oil or something. Although its not that strong, it stung my nose once the smell hits it. But then again, it's not made for smelling now is it? :D 

Le Wands.
You can clearly see why these two have different purpose, sans the names. :D

So we've found out that the other, is great for Lengthening and the other, is great for Volumizing. :D I bought these two mascaras thinking it both has the same functions (for reviewing sake. XD), but then again, it both, proved me wrong. I love how I spontaneously knew its different functionality, thus getting my moolah's worth. :) Now that's a bonus bargain!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Toodles! :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BB Cream: Missha Perfect Cover in no. 21

M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21

Wonderin' what's a buzz these days with BB Creams? I did. In my search for my very first BB cream, I went ahead and bought the best-seller of the popular-high-rated maker of BB Creams: Missha!
Most gurus I watch in Youtube uses these babies a lot before putting on their everyday makeup. As I've observed, they use this rather than liquid foundation. Some claimed that it is the "new" foundation as it doesn't leave them with that heavy-cakey feeling.

So what exactly is a BB Cream? Accd'g to Missha: Blemish Balm, also called BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin.
In my research, I've found out that BB Creams does NOT originate in South Korea or in Asia for that matter. It actually came from Germany. And it only became popular with Asian people. 

What it claims:
The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.  

What Roxy claims:
 I have a normal skin (Thank God! :D) but a lot freckly-girl indeed I am, so I thought this BB would be perfect for me. Before I got sun-baked, I had a quite-fair skin, so I bought the No. 21. If you're a morena, opt for the No. 23 (I know I will for my next purchase. n_n') But since that jolly trip to Mindoro, I got kissed by the sun. The moment I applied my BB cream to my face again, I panicked! My skin became so pale that I looked like a ghost! But in just a matter of minutes, the cream oxidized well with my skin tone. :)
My face doesn't feel like its wearing a "foundation"  since its very light.
 Now I don't know about the "even and natural-looking coverage" because I can still see some of my blemishes. 

And I still have to set it with loose powder for my face still shines. But it's fair enough to say that it did lighten my skin boo-boos right after I applied it. Plus it has Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle and UV Protection with SPF 42, so we'll see if my 799 is coming to its worth. 

All-in-all, this BB is not for the budgeted. I had an extra-moolah at that time (yey for my over time labours! haha.) so I bought what I thought is "the Best BB". If you're looking for a good investment in skin-care, opt for this one. But if you want instant results, find another. 
Right now, I'm on the scour for the "Perfect BB" 'cause there's like hundreds more out there. :D

Know any good BB cream lately? Would love to know about it! :D
Have a nice day everyone! Toodles! 

Saturday, August 06, 2011

NYX Haul no. 2!

NYX Round Lipsticks in Indian Pink, Chloe and NYX Matte Lipstick in Sweet Pink. 
Lippies that I got from Girlsshoppeofbeauty. Check out her site, currently she has a lot of On-Hand Geo Contact lens and Cracking Nail polishes, but also has a good collection of NYX products. :) 

Indian Pink is of a light pink tone with golden shimmer all over. (The name fits! remember Bollywood movies?) Its currently my favorite and I use it everyday to work.
Since it has that shimmery gold effect, it kinda reminded me of another makeup colour of mine. And no, this is not another lipstick. :))

 the Balm's Hot Mama shadow/blush! XD 

I've had mine purchased last year and its definitely a good buy from Beauty Bar. The price is totally worth it!
(and yes, I do wear them together on a daily basis. :D)
The Dynamic-Duo.

I don't know about you, but I'm such a huge fan of afterglow effects. So I buy those with shining-shimmering bits. Oh how splendid indeed! :)

Another lippie that has that shimmer effect is Chloe. Only this shimmer comes in bluish-purple and it has the medium Fuchsia pink tone. The color combination is odd and may sound dramatic but when put on the lips...

its hotness divine. :D
(Note that I had to sweep this a few times just to get that vivid colour. But with just a sweep, this can be worn on a daily basis.)

Now for my Matte lippie, Sweet Pink. :D
Matte is different from the round lipsticks as it lasts longer and doesn't bleed that easily. Kind of a lip-stain. But without the lip-balm base, the lips may intend to dry. So its best to swipe on a Chapstick first before wearing Matte lipsticks. :) 

This is almost close to a Shocking Pink colour so wear it with subtle/neutral eye makeup for the lips to scream that bold statement. :D

Know any good Pink lip colour maybe? :D
Have a blessed Sunday morning everyone! Toodles! :D

Face Of The Day: Neutral-Copper Shimmer eyes.

Today marks the Second Death Anniversary of my dear Granny, so the plans for today was to visit the cemetery with the whole family. So for the almost-perfect Sunny day look, I've manage to pull off this neutral toned look. :D I used the shimmery ones so as to brighten my sort-of dull day (looooooong story. n_n')

What Roxy used:
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21, Revlon Colorstay Under Eye concealer, Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl powder & Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in Natural Beige Ochre.
Eyes: 120 Palette, Missha Eyeliner in Brown & Maybelline Lash Stilleto in Black.
Cheeks: Le Faerie Blush.
Lips: NYX Round lipstick in Pumpkin Pie & Le Faerie Opaque lip-gloss in 002.

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