Friday, August 19, 2011

Lipstick Collection: Reviews and Swatches.

Hey everyone! It's been almost a week and for that I apologize. n_n' Work has been a great deal of stress lately so every time I came home, I just hit the sheets and take that long awaited beauty rest. n_n Anyways, moving on...

In these past six months, if there's one thing that's booming in my makeup collection its Lipsticks. I'm having a knack for them lately since my lips are lady enough to deal with all the wonderful popping colours around. (If you think its quite few, I've already done reviews and swatches on others.) There's still more to come, but as of now here's my collection. :D

(L: On Artificial lighting, R: On Natural lighting)
NYX Pumpkin Pie is a very nude Peach colour that goes well with Asian & Caucasian skin. This is perfect to go with Party Make-ups and Smokey-dark eyes.

(R: N. lighting, L: A. lighting)
(LOL. the bullet broke so I just have to make do with what I have. n_n')
Another nudie lippie of mine but NYX Frappuccino leans more on the Pink-colour tone, perfect to wear on a daily basis (hence the broken bullet. :)) )

(L: N. lighting, R: A. lighting)
My first red lippie: NYX Snow White. It has a little bit of blue undertone, hence the bloody-red colour. I love how, despite my Asian skin tone, it blends flawlessly. To show you how bloody-red Snow White is, here are the swatches for my current red lippies:

Anyhow, I guess I'll be satisfied with these set of Red lippies because of the fact that 1) They all came in diff. shades, yet suited my skin tone well and 2)I don't need that many. XD

Don't be fooled by the usual 'net colour, for Fire is not a Red lippie, its a Hot Pink-Barbie type lippie colour. (Yes, I've been deceived everyone. See what I mean when taking precaution on buying makeup online?) Since I'm not fond of hot pink lippies, I gave this to my mom (in which she GLADLY received it. XD)

And finally, something not from NYX: :))
The Face Shop's TFS Essence in Lipstick PK101

What it claims:
Lipstick with concentrated essence core imparts color and moisture at the same time, leaving lips looking and feeling smooth with moisture.
Functions of Pigmented Shell
- Color: Stronger color intensity
- Texture: Soft and silky texture; Lightweight texture.

What Roxy claims:
If not for the light-Pink colour, I WOULDN'T buy this. :| Its smooth to apply, yet feels gritty on my lips. And its not that "lightweight" for me. Now, my definition of Lightweight is when my lips could still feel the cold air (no matter how humid it is) outside. This is NOT, because my lips feels hot and the only comfort for it is when I'm in an air-conditioned place. Its soooooo expensive for its quality plus! It smells ugh... like my Grandma's old lipstick. Even though its brand new, it smells like an expired lipstick or something. The only PRO here is its packaging (think of Classy)
All in all, I'm definitely NOT recommending this. (Save your pocket gals!) 

So there you have it, the rest of my lippie collection. :D
A Milani baby is joining 'em soon, but as soon as I've received it. I'll STOP collecting lippies, for now. :D

Care to share your Lipstick collection? would love to receive a link to it! :D
Its TGIF so have a great one! Toodles! :D

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