Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moved to Tumblr

For a full-blown revamping, I decided to move to

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Updates will be posted this Friday. See you there! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Coming soon...

Watch out for the Revamping of this blog. n_n

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Like a Zebra.

Ruffled-shoulder blazer: Lhasa | Sexy White Shirt: Jar Clothing

I haven't thought or planned about my outfit today really, I have my morning-going-to-afternoon errands to go by today so I opted for this casual comfy look but still eye-candy worthy. 
So my peg for my look came from the many Hollywood celebrities wearing that "Sexy White Shirt". 
Best thing about my shirt is that I didn't cashed out 395 for a very simple white t-shirt.
Fortunately, Jar Clothing from St. Francis Square offers shirts like these for only 150php! So definitely I'm goin' back there for ALL COLOURS! :))

Liquid leggings: 168 | Ballet flats: Parisian | Bag: Liz Claiborne

And oath to oneself: As long as I'm not getting any hair styling and colouring, then I would put my hair in a BUN. :))
So pro'lly this week, I'm getting it all done, maybe a little "gigi" perm on the side? haha.

Tassel necklace: Bubbles

After Hype (Youth fellowhsip), Jacky, Kim and me went to Moonleaf, Congressional for that weekly milk teas. Along side its store, there's a pastry shop called "The Cake Box", while ordering for a red velvet (which is heavenly by the way!) I saw boxes of games over the counter, free for everyone who wishes to stay to play with. Then I saw... CLUEDO! In a card version by the way (like Monopoly Deal) and immediately, I ask them to transfer and eat those lovely cupcakes via Dine-In! :))

Look what Moonleaf tea shop offers this Chinese New Year: Red Pearls! Kakaiba lang. Haha.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tassels & Sequins & Teals. Oh My!

What I wore today at church. :D
I sooo love the colour palette that came out of this outfit. Who knew Maroons & Teals would look good together? :) 

Sequined top: For Me | Teal Skirt & Cocktail Ring: Forever21 | Belt: Le Donne |
Flats: Crocs

Tassel necklace: Bubbles

Originally, I wore heels but when I found out that my boyfriend is taking me to Trinoma for lunch, I quickly changed to my trusty comfy ole' Crocs. 

Satchel: Le Penderie (50th Avenue)| Heels: Shoe Gallery

Have a blessed week everyone! :)
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-xoxo, Roxy. ;)