Sunday, August 14, 2011

NYX Black Label in Italian Chic & Lip Liner in Edge Pink: My Auction Win!

Last Saturday, Starmaine Cay held an Auction for these li'l babies and tadaaa! I'm the highest bidder. :D 

I got 'em all for the price of only 360php! A happy bidder indeed I am. :D

When it comes to online shopping, I'm really having a hard time choosing the products. Because of others' experience, I didn't want to end up having any other colour aside from the colour I expect it to be. (Some of the photos can be deceiving.) That's why I prefer meet-ups over shipments. But her photos are realistic (plus she's trusted by other bloggers) so she's the ONLY online-product-shipment-seller whom I trust. :D
And the colours of these two combined perfectly.

 NYX lip liner pencil in Edge Pink is of a Pink-Fuchsia colour. Its colour is pigmented enough for your lips to have that crisp line with one swipe, plus it glides smoothly. A quick read-through on lip liners: It is a very essential tool when you want your pouties to last all day without that constant bleeding on the edges, plus it gives you that pouty-plump look if you're feeling a little sexy on a regular day.

Next is my first Black Label edition of NYX: Italian Chic
It has a Medium-Hot Pink, semi-frosted sheen colour. So it goes really well with Edge Pink. :D And its colour is very vibrant: With just one swipe, I had a frosted candy-lips. :D I mentioned "candy" because the thing that caught my attention is the smell. Unlike NYX's line of Round Lipsticks (which has a soapy-detergent smell. >.<) It has that fruity tang. Kind of like strawberries and cherries. :D So that is a plus for me in lippies since I can taste some of it too. :D

with Edge Pink as my liner and base. And it felt like I just ate me a piece of Lipps candy. :D

Do you feel very happy and satisfied with your latest Auction win? I know I do! :D

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