Saturday, August 06, 2011

NYX Haul no. 2!

NYX Round Lipsticks in Indian Pink, Chloe and NYX Matte Lipstick in Sweet Pink. 
Lippies that I got from Girlsshoppeofbeauty. Check out her site, currently she has a lot of On-Hand Geo Contact lens and Cracking Nail polishes, but also has a good collection of NYX products. :) 

Indian Pink is of a light pink tone with golden shimmer all over. (The name fits! remember Bollywood movies?) Its currently my favorite and I use it everyday to work.
Since it has that shimmery gold effect, it kinda reminded me of another makeup colour of mine. And no, this is not another lipstick. :))

 the Balm's Hot Mama shadow/blush! XD 

I've had mine purchased last year and its definitely a good buy from Beauty Bar. The price is totally worth it!
(and yes, I do wear them together on a daily basis. :D)
The Dynamic-Duo.

I don't know about you, but I'm such a huge fan of afterglow effects. So I buy those with shining-shimmering bits. Oh how splendid indeed! :)

Another lippie that has that shimmer effect is Chloe. Only this shimmer comes in bluish-purple and it has the medium Fuchsia pink tone. The color combination is odd and may sound dramatic but when put on the lips...

its hotness divine. :D
(Note that I had to sweep this a few times just to get that vivid colour. But with just a sweep, this can be worn on a daily basis.)

Now for my Matte lippie, Sweet Pink. :D
Matte is different from the round lipsticks as it lasts longer and doesn't bleed that easily. Kind of a lip-stain. But without the lip-balm base, the lips may intend to dry. So its best to swipe on a Chapstick first before wearing Matte lipsticks. :) 

This is almost close to a Shocking Pink colour so wear it with subtle/neutral eye makeup for the lips to scream that bold statement. :D

Know any good Pink lip colour maybe? :D
Have a blessed Sunday morning everyone! Toodles! :D


  1. Hot Momma is from the Balm dear. :D you can purchase it at Beauty Bar. :D


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