Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Le Faerie Cosmetics Haul! :D

Goodies I got from Le Faerie Cosmetics. :D Their products are high-quality makeups and are made by the same manufacturer of Coastal Scents, all for very affordable prices! Perfect for budding Makeup Artists out there. :)
The Blusher and the Lip-glosses are some of the FREEBIES that we got from the workshop. The Palette over there is currently my most treasured-possession. haha. :D

The blusher has two sides: one in Peach and the other in Hot Pink. 
I love how you have the option to use either one or mix both to create that healthy glow aura. The compact comes with a mirror and a flat blush-brush (not really keen on using it though.)

It may look like your common pink lip-gloss, but its actually in a sexy-nude colour. :D These are the Opaque Lip Gloss line.
I love that you don't get that dry-gritty feeling when applied to your lips. And oh, did I mention that it glides smoothly with its all-around sponge applicator? It's really helpful when you want to dab on those hard-to-reach areas with an ordinary doe-foot applicator. I like to apply mine vertically to give me that "plump" look. :D

001 is actually brighter than 002. Its because 001 is for those who are fair-skinned, while 002 is for those on the morena side. Lucky me, both looks good on my lippies. :D Nude lip glosses are so hard to swatch because they almost look-alike. n_n' (but I guess if you have an HD camera, that would be too easy.)

By the way, to achieve that plump-look, you're gonna have to line your lips (with the closest lip-liner colour to your lippies) add lip-balm (optional) and apply your nude lip-gloss vertically.

And now, presenting one of the essential tools in my collection:
The 120 Palette # 1 Tropical Edition

See how vibrant and highly-pigmented these colours are? This is the basic must-have palette because it both has the neutral and avant-garde colours! Plus! every colour has two versions: one in Matte and one in Shimmer. :D

So, to try these babies out, I made this Sunset-themed look:

Know any high-quality, yet easy-on-your-pocket Makeup? Give us a shout! :D
Have a good day everyone! Toodles! ;D

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