Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's not a bird, It's not a plane.

I miss wearing jeans on a beautiful bright Sunday morning. :D I'd decided to pair it with a t-shirt and some blazer with a quirky colour to grab some attention. :)) But what really impresses me with my outfit is that LONG-SEARCHED-for Clack Kent-turning-to-Superman t-shirt! I said that because back in my teen years, I wished that someone (with great T-shirt designing skills) would make a shirt like this. And lo and behold... I found it in the little boys section of our local department store. :))

My beau immediately said that I should grab it since he knew how much I've been longing for this and that he knows that I love Superhero characters (okay, I'm more of a MARVEL girl, rather than DC... but hey! Superman was always an exception! haha.)

Mustard blazer: Mags | Bag: The Bagfinder | Pumps: Nava | 

T-shirt: DC | Jeans: Salvage | Belt: Nava

Gold Chain Necklace: Bazaar | Ring: Forever21 | Feather Earring: House of Ferosh

Hype this on Lookbook here. :D

Friday, December 09, 2011

Serenade Me to Sleep. (Mic's 18th)

This is what I wore when I went to my Micah's debut held at Seafood Palace Anapolis. Micah is my beau's cousin and we became close in a jiffy when I went with him in one of their family gatherings. :)) Originally, I was suppose to pair this with my Mustard blazer, but since the dress codes STRICTLY forbids the use of the colours YELLOW and MAROON, I opted without it instead. n_n'

Originally, I wore a turban with this outfit, but it seems practicality has taken over me since I don't want to sweat, more so with my night make-up on. :))

This headpiece, I borrowed from my beau's tween cousin (she barely used it there. haha.). Its so adorable, it looks like I'm just in time for tea. :) 

Dress: Greenhills | Feather Earring: House of Ferosh | Necklace: SM Accessories | Turban: Yhansy | Pumps: Nava

Face: Ever Bilena Shine Free Foundation in Oriental, Avon Powder Foundation | Eyes: Le Faerie Cosmetics, Etude House, Maybelline Gel Liner | Lips: Lime Crime in Retrofuturist | Cheeks: NYX Cream blush in Orange

 The Boyfriend. I love his tie by the way. <3

Blessie, Micah (the Debutante), Kim and I.
It was a lovely get together with a whole lot of his clan. We enjoyed the music, the program and the food.
Happy Birthday dear Micah! 

Amidst the Busy-ness of it all...

You're probably wondering... Where has this girl gone off to and.. where are the BLOG POSTS?! :))
Well, to tell you the truth, I've been busy this last couple of months due to a) work (office slave!) and b) wardrobe make over. Yup. heard it right: WARDROBE MAKE OVER
Yes, this little beauty junky here, is also a fashionista at heart (read: PASHOWNEESTUH. haha.)
And yes, lately I've been gathering of sweet pieces from here and there and so, as to incorporate and launch the dynamic duo (namely: beauty and fashion), I will now blog about one thing that I always have and always will love: FASHION.
Don't worry my beauty geeks, I will still feature the my MAKE-UP look and what I used.
It'll still be ROXY, plus with a whole lot of ghetto. :))

Will post more updates soon loves! :D
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To not Fit in. To be Psychedelic. To be Eccentric. To be Bold. To be Practical. To be Humble. To be Kind. To Encourage Others. To Stand Up for What is Right. To be YOU. Now that's being a KIKAY and that's REAL BEAUTY.
-xoxo, Roxy. ;)