Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lime Crime in Retrofuturist.

The Packaging really reminds me of this li'l critter right here. :D

Among all their wild and outrageous lipstick colours, I grabbed this one as it is wearable and  it blends really well with my skin tone. Yes, my search for the Perfect Red Lips is officially OVER. :D  

What it claims:
Bright 'retro red' for all the pinup girls out there! This true red leans neither blue nor yellow, which makes it is suitable for all skin tones. This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear.

Retrofuturist in Caucasian skin.

What Roxy claims:
Retrofuturist is a bright Red that did suit my skin tone. In fact, its a match made in Heaven. :D Its very vibrant and its very rich in colour (as all their other lip colours are.). This lipstick reminds me very much of my Matte Lipsticks as lasts long and it really impressed me with its adhesiveness! Like I applied this earlier today at 4PM, surfed the net, blogged, ate my dinner (take note: ATE!) and yet, its still here and it fades into a gradient medium to light Pink colour! (Its like two lip colours for the price of one!) And unlike Matte lippies, this is very moisturizing, plus it has a nice smell too. (like Jelly Beans in cotton candy flavour.) And did I mention that this is a "Vegan Lipstick", meaning its not animal-tested. Other brands that are available here in the Philippines that does not use animal testing are L'Occitane and The Body Shop. You can check the leaping bunny logo to make sure you are purchasing animal-friendly makeups.

My only con here is the price. Definitely not for the budgeted (its currently the most expensive lippie that I own. But all in all the price, for me, is worth it. :D ) 

Retrofuturist on my Asian skin. :D

I'm such a gaga for Red Lips. :D And finding the perfect red one is not easy. The main factor to consider is definitely your Skin Undertone- for your Red lips to utter the words "Class, Sophistication & Elegance", instead for it to scream "Joker Face". Find the right one, and you'll definitely notice that your complexion will be fairer and your teeth will be whiter. :D

To find more about your Skin Undertone and the Right Red Lipstick shade for it: Do watch Michelle Phan's video. (She's my SENSEI when it comes to my love for Makeup. n_n)

Have a great Saturday evening everyone! :D


  1. Just wanted to say that your photos are amazing!

  2. aww. gee. n_n thanks for droppin' by! :D

  3. I personally find 'Red' a difficult color to wear. But I like seeing it on other people. =) How much is it?

  4. Hi Bella!
    I got it for only 750php from Starmaine Cay's shop. :D Will post a wearable look for this soon (in fact i already got 2 looks. :D)


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