Saturday, July 30, 2011

NYX Haul no. 1! XD

                    NYX Round Lipstick in LOUISIANA & ELECTRA and
        NYX Eye Pencil in SAPPHIRE

Stuffs that I purchased in Samsville's shop. :D (I love that they have almost every colour that I want. And one of the online sellers that gives a fair price for NYX products. :D)

First up are my Round Lipsticks:
The first time I saw ELECTRA was back when me and my beau are looking around Eastwood's usual Sunday bazaar. One of the stalls there are selling NYX product and 'twas my actual first encounter with NYX. (I've been really curious about NYX since most of the make-up gurus that I watch on YouTube uses this like... counteless times?) So I got really excited, quickly scanned through the merchandise and fell INSTANTLY in-love with this shade. :D Unfortunately though, they're out-of-stock with this colour and opted for the Snow White instead (I'll do a review soon. :D)  Still, as soon as I saw this on Samsville's online shop, I quickly ordered for it not even looking at the picture for I know this is the one, THIS IS IT! XD.

I love how this colour reminds me of Christina Aguillera's lips in Burlesque. It's so Vintage!
It has that bright undertone and is perfect for those with warm/neutral skin tones. Plus! It makes my teeth whiter too! ;D

Now about LOUISIANA, I'm not really a Pink-lipstick fan (little is the chance that Pink matches my skin tone. n_n') but since I've read many blog articles and reviews about this one, I got curious. Well for 130 bucks a pop, why won't I try it, right? :D Turns out, it MATCHED my tone PERFECTLY! XD A good deal for my very first Pink lipstick.

See? It gives me that dewy-lips feel. Perfect to go with an everyday look. I HIGHLY recommend it for those who are looking for a fresh-looking lipstick and who are afraid to try on a pink colour (like me. n_n)

From Right-Left: WITHOUT flash and WITH flash.

Up next is my SAPPHIRE eye liner.

Ok now this is a colour that I'm fond of: BLUE. Moreso when I saw this shade. XD
Now you'd pro'ly think that It'd look too avant-garde on naked eye-alone. But in my case, nothing is too eccentric. :D 

For it goes well with my Contact Lens! lol. XD
The only con I see in this eye-liner is that it SMUDGES quickly. I slid it on my lower lashline, and after 30 minutes it starts to smudge. Well if you have a liquid eye-primer. that would pro'ly solve its case. n_n'
Overall i love this eye-liner! Not only that it goes in my fave colour, it also made my eyes bigger and literally an eye-catcher. :D 

How about you? What colour makes your face pop and glow? :D
'Til the next review everyone! Toodles!

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