Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ever Bilena: Evera Lip and Cheek Stain

truly a CHEAP find: Ever Bilena's EVERA Lip & Cheek Stain.

I bought this product earlier in July this year because I've been wanting to have lips like this:

Accd'g to different sources, she used Tony Moly's Tint for Lips and Cheek, but because back then I have no idea that Tony Moly is opening its stores in the Philippines this late July, I started to scour for a good lip and cheek stain in the department stores. 
The first brand that popped into my mind was Body Shop's, but then again, its waaaaaay too expensive for my budget on lip stains/tints, and you've gotta admit that it is so impractical to buy one.

As I was nearing Ever Bilena's booth, I instantly saw what I was looking for: Cherry-red, long-lasting and above all, cheap lip tint. Yey! And for only 60php, there was no hesitation. THIS is what I'm looking for, a definite good bargain!

I actually don't use this on my cheeks, as I abhor cheek blush-stains 'cause its so hard to blend (you get that blot spot where you've dot it, if you don't blend within the next five seconds :|) and it can cause early wrinkles (from the blending). 

So I only use this on my lips. 

L: my bare lips, R: my lips with Evera.
I like that it looks like I've just sucked on a Popsicle. n_n Its smooth to apply with its doe-foot applicator and I love how I can achieve that Gradient effect I was aiming for. :) Its also a good base before you put on your favorite lipstick for it blends well with any colour, plus it will make the lipstick last longer. The smell is a nice fruity-tang, I thought it was gonna taste the same... I was wrong.
The only thing unlovable about this is that its taste. Of course when you're doing lips, you can't help but to taste the product. :| Tastes like I just dipped my tongue into a spoonful of Tempra, like the ones that we take as a kid. :|

Overall, this is a good buy for me. Not only did I achieve the Gradient effect, but it was a guiltless-practical-splurge. 

What about you? What is your latest guiltless splurge? Care to share? :D
Stay tuned for more Cheap Finds here! Have a great day and Toodles!


  1. I had this one back then! it was pretty cool! I know some girlds who love putting this on their cheeks & lips like crazy! :)

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