Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Etude House: Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream Aloe Tea.

Finally! A review on one of Etude House's adorable looking piece: Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream! 

Don't let these pics fool you, because at a very low price, these creams are huge. And I do mean HUGE. Pro'lly the biggest cleansing cream I've seen in the market so far. :D I've been using this for almost two months now, and the minute I used it, I feel very happy with my purchase. :D (well, they don't call it "Happy" for nothin'.)

See the packaging? Just like a teapot I assure you. :D

I bought mine in Aloe since it smells so relaxing, but hey its just my honest opinion. Try the other ones: Lemon Tea & Milk Tea. :D

For 178php a pop, I just couldn't resist. Its definitely a bargain for a cold cream. :D And here's a sample of how effective this cleansing cream is:

On eye makeup.

This is also great for removing mascaras! Its an all-in-one makeup remover as it removes everything. Even lipsticks...

I used Retrofuturist since it has a lip-stain. The stain is barely visible afterwards. :D

The only Con I see in here is that it comes in an open jar packaging. Meaning, if your hands are not properly washed, some of the dirty residues, germs and stuff, could contaminate the rest of the product. :| So to be very careful, I have to use a spoon to grab some of it. I mean, who wants germs all over their face right?

I love to slather this all over my face. Especially before I go to bed, when I do my evening face routine. :D
Girls! Its best to have makeup and all. But be sure to get rid all the gunk (as of exposure to pollution and everything) by the end of the day, so break-outs won't pop anywhere near your delicate visage... and yes, no matter how TIRED you are. It is a must. :)

P.S. Lately, I've been visiting a LOT of Korean cosmetic stores, so here's hoping to make great reviews about their products... budget-friendly products that is. :D

'Til next time everyone! Toodles! (and she's off to her face-cleansing rituals. XD)

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