Saturday, August 13, 2011

Avon vs Maybelline: One Great Mascara & Long Extreme Stiletto face-off.

Both Affordable. Both Exquisite. But who has the upperha... err. wand?
Read more and find out here! :D

On Maybelline's Long Extreme Stiletto:
Ever since I saw Chiaki Kuriyama's (from Kill Bill) eyes, i fell IN LOVE with long lashes. XD I'm a noob at applying false eyelashes so MASCARAS is a must if I want achieve her look. This mascara did its job in reaching those sky-high lashes! The product is very thin, so no matter how many times you coat it, it will not clump... at all. And you can also apply this on your lower lash line without the mess because of its wand applicator. :) It's bristles are huge and far apart, thus avoiding that unwanted extra product on your eyes. Its colour is also very rich (i bought mine in Black), it doesn't smudge, Plus! the packaging comes in a sexy, unique and slim black and red bottle, so its an eye-candy for vintage gals everywhere. I don't know if this is a Con or a Pro, but it smells like a newly-painted wall. For me, its a Pro, since I love going to newly,con-structured malls and buildings and smelling this reminds me of the newly-opened Eastwood Mall. (Am I weird or what? n_n')

See those lashes? Love to have those. :)

The only thing I'm having a hard time with here is that its Waterproof. Yes its good for long wearing and all but by the end of the day, when you just wanna hit the sheets, taking this off is such an effort. So I have yet to buy a mascara remover if I want to get this off of me in a jiffy. So I hope Maybelline can come up with a Washable formula for this.

On Avon's One Great Mascara:
It claims to have both Lengthening and Volumizing wonders in its brochure so I ordered one. I don't know about the lengthening but the VOLUME? wow. Its even better than my other past volumizing mascaras. I just applied about two coats on thine lashes and voila! my eyes looked bigger. :D Since its such a huge hit on the volume, applying it will take some technique (the mini zig-zag technique), so as to not get thy many clumps.
What I don't like about this is 1)Its packaging and 2)Its smell. For such "One Great Mascara", Avon could probably jazz up its packaging more so that it can live up to its name. 
It also smells ghastly. Like a used-leaked car oil or something. Although its not that strong, it stung my nose once the smell hits it. But then again, it's not made for smelling now is it? :D 

Le Wands.
You can clearly see why these two have different purpose, sans the names. :D

So we've found out that the other, is great for Lengthening and the other, is great for Volumizing. :D I bought these two mascaras thinking it both has the same functions (for reviewing sake. XD), but then again, it both, proved me wrong. I love how I spontaneously knew its different functionality, thus getting my moolah's worth. :) Now that's a bonus bargain!

Have a nice weekend everyone! Toodles! :D

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