Sunday, September 04, 2011

Tony Moly: Tony Tint in Cherry Pink.

I've been using this for almost three weeks now for a good justified review, since this has been receiving so many good revs, plus! I've been waiting for this to be in stock. Lucky me when I passed by Megamall, its readily available. :D

I've mentioned before that I've been searching and scouring for this tint because a)its gives a nice gradient effect (which is a POP with Korean nowadays) and b)its cheap.
This is a great dupe for Body Shop's Lip and Cheek tint, and as for me, THIS is the best tint EVER. 
Here's why:
With just one swipe, see how pigmented this is? :D 
I bought mine in Cherry Pink since Cherry Red is very intense for that gradient-slash-popsicle-sucked effect that I was aiming for. (And for me, this shade is still intense. n_n')

The Pros:
A little goes a long way and three dots is all it takes for have that natural-looking rosy lips! Aside from the fact that this is very rich in colour, I find that this smells really nice (hence the name "Cherry") and tastes right, like that citrus juice in tetra packs. It comes in a very affordable price, for just 278php!-That's why I'm never going to buy The Body Shop's tint again (unless it's for a gift/giveaway). As for its adhesiveness, I'd say it was stuck on to my lips pretty tight... when I didn't apply any lip balm, which is why it really makes a nice lip stain, a subbie even for lipsticks. But since it stains oh so well...

The Cons:
Recently my lips are chapping (this is my prime suspect, since using Liquid tints makes the lips dry) and I have to make SURE that my lips are silky smooth when I applied this, if not, it will SCREAM and POINT to the world the prints of thy chapped lips. The very trouble with me is that I'm bothered by the dry skin and I tend to rip it using my pearly whites. Thus resulting to bloody lips. Yikes! 
So in this part, I'd very much prefer my Ever Bilena Jelly lip stain. This is definitely not for an everyday use if you want to avoid dry and chapped lips.

Other than that, its a very GREAT buy and I HIGHLY recommend! :D Especially when you're feeling that Koreanovela/Kpop look for the day. :)

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