Thursday, September 15, 2011

FOTD: Skins' Effy Stonem Look.

It's been awhile since my last blog (which was like more than a week ago? n_n'), and for that, I apologize, but no biggie... I have here with me a look that I've been DYING to do: Effy Stonem's Look from Season 3 of Skins. :D 
A quick recap on my love for Skins. Being a semi-modern Filipina, the western culture's youth nowadays, for me, is on the verge of that sweet-innocent-little-WILD thing. :)) Gossip Girl: yeah I can take (kinda common culture for me, though. haha.) Vampire Diaries: Sexy, yet watchable. But Skins? boy did it "shock" me. :)) Nevertheless, from Season 1 up to Season 4, I've always been admiring EFFY STONEM. From her silent-cheeky swaggers, to her choice of clothing colours (who doesn't love a grungy and edgy dark look?), and of course, to her makeup. 

This was from the "Woods" episode.
Where "Freffiy" finally came to the picture! :D
For the record, I've tried to copy this look, like a dozen times already! O.o 
And FINALLY, I've got it! XD Practice does makes everything perfect! :D

What Roxy Used:
Face: 1)Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl powder 2)Maybelline Angelfit Foundation in
 Natural Beige Ochre 3)Love Mineral in Petal Bloom Blush
Eyes: Elf Eye Primer in Sheer,120 Palette, Maybelline Long Extreme Stilleto,
 PAC Rainbow Chic palette

Lips: 1) NYX in Pumpkin Pie 2) Blistex in Liptone.


  1. I really like that look, it can be worn during the days and not look too much.


  2. hi Tania! I actually wore this look at work today, and glad that it's not that too much of a makeup to caught anyone's attention. :D

  3. omgosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE EFFY, skins is one of the best tv series i've watched and thank you so much for coming up with this look, its gorgeous~!

    ♡ Pei Ting


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