Monday, September 05, 2011

My Birthday Presents!

I feel so much loved when people give me GIFTS (from a small trinket to a letter will do, its the THOUGHT that counts. :D), more so when these loot was given as birthday presents. :D (What can I say, its my LOVE LANGUAGE.)
So my many thanks to my Ate Nice and my Mom for these lovelies:
Since these are gifts, i will NOT include a Pro and Con section here. But rather, a detailed description of each. :)

This blush was given to me by Ate Nice, a motherly-friend of mine. :) 
I really like the packaging (the box, i cannot seem to throw away...) 
H.N.'s Love Minerals in Petal Bloom Blush.

If I know correctly, Human Nature's line of cosmetics is available by a) via an "Avon Lady" seller w/ matching brochures(its just my term, its not an Avon line. ok? :D) and b)through Beauty Bar. 
This one is a compact-powder blush and has medium-pink colour with a peach undertone, which gives my face that natural flush of colour and it smells like a crayon. What I like about this is that its 100% Natural: meaning it doesn't contain any toxic chemical preservatives, which by the way is the cause of early skin-aging, plus it's made locally, so its 100% Pinoy made

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange.
I got this from Sam of NYX Cosmetics Supplier by Samsville and considered this as a "gift" because it was sponsored by my Mom. :D
This is my first cream blush so I'm really excited about it, so the first time I applied this, my cheek became SUPER ORANGE! (haha. I am so a noob, but no worries...) I've learned that all you need is a little dab to the cheeks to have that fresh-out-of-the-shower flush.

This blush is very pigmented. I even tried to apply it on my lips! It's such a love. <3

swatches of my blushes. :)

And finally, the most colourful of the lot: my PAC Color Festival Eyeshadow in Rainbow Chic. 
Promise I'll do a look with this soon! (I'm really excited to do one because of the lively colours!)
Yeah my Mom knows I'm such a sucker for colourful palettes haha. This one is an all-shimmer palette and comes with a mini brush and sponge applicator, and what I love in this palette right here (as for any PAC eye shadows as well) is that its very pigmented. PAC does that because its a Professional Makeup that caters to the needs of TV/Movie and Theater makeups. I know this because my Mom is a fan of PAC cosmetics. :) 
See? These swatches are done with just ONE SWIPE. No exaggeration. :)
So that's it for my birthday-presents make up collection. :D 

What goodies did you receive from a loved-one recently? 
Have a nice day everyone! Toodles! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was such a lovely birthday for you, lots of great colorful gifts too! I love the HM blush, looks like such a pretty color, I'd have to try this out soon! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: Three H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!!

  2. Hi Roxy! Thanks for following Laces & Tiaras. I love your blog as well! Happy birthday! Your Ate and mom really know you for giving you these pretty gifts. =)

  3. Hi Mar! Thanks for visiting. :) Do tell about your future review with the Petal Bloom blush soon ok? :D

  4. Hi Eunice! Thank you! :) And thanks for following back! :D

  5. Very nice.... I love makeup anytime specially if it's a gift... Love NYX my favorite lipstick is PARIS I am now following your blog

    Please come check my blog out follow me????

  6. Hi, thank you for the comment and following! Hope you had a great birthday! I am following back! :)


  7. Wow, this orange blush is something fantabulous! I've never seen any blush that pigmented. You got awesome gifts, Roxy!
    By the way... let's follow each other? ^^



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