Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Watsons Haul: Brushes and Skin Care Galore!

I went to work today as I've planned. (yeah, on a Saturday I know, bummer.) And after the hours, I went to the nearest mall and scoured for some beauty goodies. :D

Here's what I got:
(L-R: Marionnaud N°37 pointed brush, Marionnaud N°32 blush brush, ELF eye-shadow brush,
Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion & Celeteque Traveling kit skin care.
 As a noob in the makeup artist industry, I'm now currently collecting makeup brushes (since I think I'm done with my noob makeup collection. :D) And as a cheapo, I try to scour for the  high-quality yet very affordable brushes. So far I have seen three (3) companies, one is Le Faerie Cosmetics' line of brushes and two is E.L.F. from the U.K, and three is Marionnaud's, which is originally a French company, but thanks to wise entrepreneurs, it's now available locally here in the Philippines through Watsons. :)  
N°32 Angled Blush Brush: Synthetic.
It only costs 169.75php

N°37 Pointed Eyeshadow Brush: Synthetic.
It only costs 89.75php!

Another affordable brush from E.L.F. :D
I've been collecting these already since, not only because of its reasonable price, but also because it's recommended by my favorite artsy-fartsy makeup guru: KlairedelysArt

Eye Shadow Brush: Goat Hair.
This one only costs 129.75php!
A 12-hour extreme Air-conditioning (and by that the LOWEST temperature) is really not good for our Asian-Tropical skin. Aside from the recycled dirt and air-filled germs, it can be really drying to your skin. Unfortunately, I experience this everyday in our office. :| 
So I bought this cutely-packaged, travel-sized Vaseline lotion and Celeteque Products, all for the glory of good skin. :D
It really has a nice smell. Plus the packaging guarantees that this will not
spill on my purse. :)
It only costs 14.50php!

Miniature versions of the ones I have in my bathroom. :))
It only costs 149php!

What I like about these Mini-Mes is that it all fits snuggly in my skin-care kikay kit. :D (Yes I have two (2) kikay kits: 1)For Skin Care and 2)For Makeup.) On Weekdays, to avoid the rush hour, I mostly do my morning rituals when I arrive at the office. So this miniature versions are perfect for on-the-go boys and girls like me. :)

So what is your latest Haul? Would really love to know about it! :)
Have a blessed weekend everyone! Toodles!

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  1. i have this kit in my bag also.. 149.00 for a facial wash, toner and moisturizer!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ^_^


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