Friday, September 23, 2011

Lippie Gifts! :D

These beautiful babies were gifts I received last week. The Mary Kay was from my dear Jackie (who is both a sweet and a doll <3) and the Milani was a surprise from Starmaine Cay! (guess that makes me an official suki. :D)
*Note: again, since these are gifts, there won't be any Pros or Cons. Just a detailed description. (Although, I see no Con in these two: they are so GORGEOUS! <3)

Mary Kay in Apple Berry. The packaging? J'adore!

It's Love at first swipe. I love that even though its sheer, it adheres well on my lips. Yep, even applied it with a lip balm underneath, for a sheer lippie, it STAYS. :)) The smell and taste is also love, for it tastes like a sweet fruity-tang (like a Berry indeed!) Add the colour, which is of a magenta with a blue undertone, and pure elegance will be your lips' statement. :D
 I've been using this for almost a week now and I find that its very moisturising and even without the lipbalm, it SMOOTH-ENS my lips! Yeah no kidding! I don't know about Mary Kay's other lippie product, but if you found something like this, don't hesitate to purchase it. It's really GREAT! 
Thanks again Jackie! :D

Milani in Mango Mambo. The tip has a really unique finish. :)

Am i a nerd if I tell you that I counted the sides on this product's shape? It has 8 sides (which makes it, what? an Octagon? XD) and it is very unique indeed. It is of red-orange colour and best part is, your lippie can have 2 different looks, depending on how lightly or heavily you swipe it. :D If swiped lightly, it will leave your lips like it is naturally pinched, like that colour you get when you sucked an oranged-flavored popsicle. Swiped heavily, and it will instantly brighten up those warm/yellow skin undertone of yours, leaving your lips with that Pop of colour, thanks to its Matte-ness. :D And since this is a Matte, might as well let you guys know that this didn't dry my lips at all. Not that I can say that its moisturising, but its informing to say that my lips didn't chap, plus! It left a nice stain on my lips.
Since this is my first lippie from Milani also, I don't know anything or haven't read any reviews about its other shades of lippies, but I noticed that this too, lives up to its name: Mango Mambo. Why? Because it HIGHLY smells and tastes like, well, mangoes! Thanks Charmaine! :D

Swatches. You can clearly see which one can be worn fora  day
and night time look. 

Apple Berry.
(Sorry for not having a lips swatch of Mango Mambo. n_n')

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  1. OMG love the colors! :) Apple berry looks good on you! :)

    YOu have an amazing blog! Following you now! :)


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