Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Award. (My First!)

Yeah, you've read it right! I've been given my first blog award by my fellow blogger, the lovely busy Bee.
Thanks much for this award dear! :D  This means a LOT to me! :) (Sorry for the uber late post by the way, I've been a busy girl too. haha.)

The rules are simply are as follows:
Just thank and link the person who awarded you then write 7 random things about yourself. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers.

Here goes...
1.)I'm a desperate Videographer.:D
 I love making short videos as my means of entertainment and just to pass time (back during my B.U.M days. haha.) From a subject as small as an ant, to how my Mom prepares a meal for us, i do it all- Documentary style. :D (I don't post it though, I just keep 'em in my Hardrive.)

2.) My favorite snacks include...
Powdered Nido Milk, Some cheesy junk foods, soy milk and my homemade Milo Dinosaur (It's a chocolate drink, mixed with fresh milk, a lot of ICE topped with chocolate powder.)

3) Speaking of food, my favorite are what you may say "exotic" and adventurous "ala-Cowboy" style. :))
I crave for Filipino dishes like Papaitan (what its made of? Let's just say Goat/Cow Intestines... yum!), Sisig (Pork brains) and Tokenenengs like Isaw (Chicken/Pork Intestines) and Tenga (Pork ears). I know, PETA will have me sentenced in their death-row in no time, but despite that...

4) I'm an AVID animal-lover. Especially dogs and horses. :D
I love them so much, that when I watch a Medieval-themed war movie (the ones that use horses as a means of riding into a battlefield) I'd rather value the life of the animal, than that of the humans. :))
Here's my pet dogs:
Handglider. (She's a result of a cross breeding between her 100% Japanese spitz mom and 50% Hapanese Spitz dad. Hence the long ears, thus the name. haha.)

And Asia: the Guard Dog. (This picture is soo funny that I want to produce a right caption for it. :)) That li'l kiddo over there is my cousin.)

5) I exercise my Enviromentalist habbit everyday.
Just by merely unplugging cords from their sockets, switching off faucets when not in use and using a canvas bag when shopping, is a small help when it comes to protecting mother nature. :D 

6)As a kid growing up, I'm more influenced by my Dad (read: Daddy's girl).
So I came to love BOYS' stuff instead of girls. i.e: I'd rather play with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures than Barbie dolls. 
7)When I like a certain Movie, I unintentionally memorized its DIALOGUES... and the actions. :))
So when I'm bored with no other means of entertainment, I play a movie on my head.

Passing it on to these lovely people:

(ok I can't think of any other more people, sorry. n_n')



  1. OMG. You called me Arianne. Please call me Angel. Lol.

  2. Why not? Imma call you that way, Arianna. :)) JK. :D fine fine. :D

  3. yay! nice to see your post! ^_^


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