Sunday, January 01, 2012

Salmon like the Fish. (It's 2012 everybody!)

Turn it up, Mash it up, It ain't the end of the world...

Happy new year people! :D
2011 was the establishing year of The Kulayfool Kikay and it has been both fruitful and struggling year for this blogger. But nonetheless, I've finished its race with flying colours! 
And speaking of colours, I wanted to start the year with a pop of colours Salmon Pink and Teal. 

Location: De Ramos Residence at QC.

Sheer top: Splatt | Skirt: Forever21 | Sunnies: Folded & Hung |

(From Left-Right)
Brass Cuff: Girlshoppe | Zebra Ring: Gift from Kate | Rake-ish ring: Divi | Turquoise cocktail ring: Forever 21| Vampire ring: Divi | Watch: Boyfriend's

Last friday, I went on a date with myself and the "thrill" of an adventure into the busy streets of Quiapo, Manila. The goal was to buy myself a new pair of contacts in Paterno St. since my trusty blue eyes is already out of grade (and date. haha.) So for 2012, I'm your new purple-eyed blogger. :D Okay I know what you're thinking: Quiapo? For contacts?! Well these are the frequent questions I was asked about the location where I buy my contacts:
1) Is it Legal?
Yes! In fact, all contact lens distributors here in the Philippines are from the busy-buzzy streets of Paterno. Don't believe me? Check out the back info of your lens box or your bottle of solution. You will see the address containing "Paterno St." :D
2) Is it safe?
Of course! Every optical store opened in the main street are BFAD approved. See for yourself. Scan a store, and you will spot that BFAD permit hanging on their wall.
3)Why do you travel all the way there to buy your contacts?
As most of you know, a product is much cheaper when bought at an outlet store. Being the practical Kikay that I am, I personally buy there for a cheaper bargain. :D

Tassel necklace: Bubbles

After Paterno, I rode a jeep going to, yep a Manila girl shopper's ultimate destination: Divisoria! But since I'm near to being broke (blame it on my Christmas shopping and two dozen inaanaks T.T) I only bought my 3 for 100 rings! Talk about cheap! There are also tons and tons of eyecandy things there that after I ate my lunch, I went straight ahead to the terminal of jeepneys going home to avoid being totally broke! haha. :))

Oh, and about the funny story how that Zebra ring my cutey-patootie friend Kate gave me...
While I was busy mingling after the church service, she slipped this around my finger and asked: "Will you marry me?" to which I replied: "Oh no! Next week pa yung gift ko sa inyo!" :)) 

LOL-ing aroung with my photographer. :))

Ta-duh! Whad'dya think of my new purple doll-eyed lens? :D Promise I'll do an FOTD soon with it! 

So while having a barbeque party that my boyfriend's parents hosted in their humble abode, we made kalikot of his new DSLR and we've found this: Retro Filter.

Fact! That grassy background you see there is a former swimming pool from '70s to the '80s. But they gave it up because of its high maintenance. :| 

Make-up, make-up after the shoot (What? ikr. i'm that much of a weirdo. haha.) 

Kim and his cousins, Klein and Ishy.

Another thing that I'm grateful for for twenty eleven: Experiences and Happenings that made us stronger and happier. A couple aimed to glorify Him and to feel the shower of blessings and guidance as a result for waiting for His perfect time, 'til the time we're made one. :)

Looking forward to more blogs to share with you this year Kikays!


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  1. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I love your skirt, what a great color and that shirt is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your accessories rock! Your have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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