Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Make-Up Junkie on the Rise

Finally, I get to have a chance (and time) to build up my courage and write my own beauty blog. Yey! :D I would like to thank other make-up gurus out there who gave me an idea for making one so whoop-dee-doo!
Through these past years I find it hard trying to maintain a personal blog. Yeah, I've been there done that (heck, I even had two personal blog accounts here in blogger and unfortunately, its outdated). But because my love for Beauty and Make-up are just like an intense emotion waiting to explode (plus, I have tons of STUFF that I wanted to share to everybody and make good reviews), I now have this beauty blog.
I will try my best to update as soon as I have free time (and a whole lot of stuff) because now its not about basking in my self-musings anymore. Its about sharing thoughts and giving other girls out there ideas about Make-Up, what is it, where to find it and best of all, my quest to scour the ends of locally available, high-quality-branded make-up without having to splurge like hell.

In short, this blog is all about getting the right stuff for your very own canvass, without that guilty-feeling of spending tons of your hard-earned moolah. ;) Have a pleasant day and stay tuned! :D

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