Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's not a bird, It's not a plane.

I miss wearing jeans on a beautiful bright Sunday morning. :D I'd decided to pair it with a t-shirt and some blazer with a quirky colour to grab some attention. :)) But what really impresses me with my outfit is that LONG-SEARCHED-for Clack Kent-turning-to-Superman t-shirt! I said that because back in my teen years, I wished that someone (with great T-shirt designing skills) would make a shirt like this. And lo and behold... I found it in the little boys section of our local department store. :))

My beau immediately said that I should grab it since he knew how much I've been longing for this and that he knows that I love Superhero characters (okay, I'm more of a MARVEL girl, rather than DC... but hey! Superman was always an exception! haha.)

Mustard blazer: Mags | Bag: The Bagfinder | Pumps: Nava | 

T-shirt: DC | Jeans: Salvage | Belt: Nava

Gold Chain Necklace: Bazaar | Ring: Forever21 | Feather Earring: House of Ferosh

Hype this on Lookbook here. :D

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